Association of Health Service Doctor, West Bengal, better known as AHSD, isthe largest organisation of doctors of modern medicine serving the Department of Health & Family Welfare, Govt of West Bengal. Our members are Gr A officers in the cadres of WBHS, WBMES and WBPHAS. They provide health care from the remotest PHC to the largest medical college, teach & train the undergraduate and postgraduate students of modern medicine and manages public health programmes and health administration from block level to the state headquarters.

Our member strength is 6500 plus spread over fifty one branches through out the state. New members and sometimes new branches are being added every year.

The organisation was born in 1984 amidst a turbulent period of chaos and attempts to jeoperdise the government health care system, with a vow to protect, promote and imrove it, under the banner of Science, Service & Society. All our branches regularly organise scientific seminars and CME prgrammes to update themselves and provide quality service to common people. Our members volunteers in medical teams during disasters or public health emergencies.


"Science - Service - Society" are the three words articulating the philosophy of the Association. Since birth, our organization is moving forward with flag unfurled having the emblem with these three precious words engraved. We organized movements in various forms, on different issues, placed demands to appropriate authorities; discuss topics among ourselves intending to increase our awareness and defining the role to be played by us in the interest of our members vis-à-vis the community at large. All these endeavours bear at their core our basic commitment towards science, service and society.


  • To uphold the cause, unity and dignity of the medical profession in general' and the State Health Services Doctors in particular.
  • To promote advancement of scientific knowledge and to foster a spirit of research and service amongst members;
  • To strive for establishment of comprehensive health care services to the people at the State & National levels;
  • To strive for establishing health care as a fundamental right of the citizens;
  • To organise democratic movements involving the citizens with a view to seek better health administration for the Indian people and to support such movement elsewhere;
  • To encourage freedom of thought and speech, and to establish the right of the members of free communication on matters of health policy and administration.
  • To obtain healthy and scientific working condition, job satisfaction and physical security of the members.
  • To encourage an atmosphere of healthy social co-operation amongst members, other health workers and people in general.
  • To improve the standard of health in the State' in accordance with the social need.
  • To improve the standard of Medical Education in the State in accordance with the social need.
  • To help and provide suitable relief to members in distress and their families, particularly the families of the deceased members.
  • To strive for establishing trade union rights and democratic rights for the members as are available to other Government employees.
Dr. Goutam Mukherjee

"We strive for the improvement of our scientific understanding and apply the same at our workplaces for the interest of the ailing people who come to us for cure & relief."

Dr. Manas Kumar Gumta
General Secretary

"We oppose all forces those try to pollute the environment, physical, mental and social, to safeguard the community, particularly the poor and disadvantaged."