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Members Benevolent Fund

Our association intends to serve its members cause even after their death or disability, while still in the service, through the Dr Amal Sardar Memorial Benevolent fund. The objectives of the fund are as follows:

To help dependants of a member , on his death or any disability preventing him/herself to earn income

To help a member in sickness or under other special circumstances.

The Benevolent Fund Management Committee (BFMC), elected by the Central Council every two years, bears the responsibility of implementation & management of this scheme.

Any member who had continuous membership of at least five years shall ordinarily be eligible for benefit of the scheme.

Dependants of member means wife, minor son, unemployed/unmarried daughter and parents.

Financial help may be given as outright grant or as a loan with a minimum interest, as decided by the BFMC from time to time.

Funds for this scheme is generated from the central share of membership fees, donation from state conferences and accrued interests.

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